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Newbie - What Should I Do With My Life?

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Previous Entry Newbie Apr. 28th, 2004 @ 10:39 am Next Entry
Finding this community was rather exciting because now I don't feel quite so crazy. :)

I'm 23 years old and will be graduating in a couple weeks (May 15th to be exact). I will have a bachelors in Management Information Systems. For the past year I've had an internship in the field, and while it has been great it has also shown me that I'm not quite ready to spend the rest of my life sitting in front of a computer in my cubical for 40 hours a week.

So of course for a long time I felt like I was completly insane. I was worried that maybe I had gone through all these years of schooling just to end up in a field I disliked. But thankfully things started to change.

I guess the biggest change came when my intern site told me they couldn't hire me full time or part time due to budget issues (of course). After that I started looking for some other jobs but didn't really find anything that interested me.

Finally I decided to try to go to grad school. I've always been interested in International Business and have always wanted to study/live/work abroad so I'm 99% sure that I'm going for it. I've found a great local school that has campuses all over Europe so I can easily go study abroad when the time is right.

It's a complete change from what I had planned to do back when I chose my undergraduate major, but I think this is the best option for me. At the time I thought I'd be happiest with an IT job, but I guess things have changed. I don't think studying MIS was a mistake by any means, I know I've gotten a great education and it will always help to have a technical bacground...I just think that maybe I want something a little different go on top of that.

I probably could have found a full time job eventually, but when I weighed the two options I just knew I wouldn't be as happy as I could be with that type of lifestyle. At least not at this point in time. The only major worry I have is the extra cost, loans, debt, all that good stuff that grad school will bring...but I know there are plenty of people out there who have just as many student loans as I do so I just have to trust that everything will work out in the end. I'm willing to take that sort of chance to do something that really excites and interests me.

So...that's my story in a nutshell.! Good luck to everyone else going through the same type of confusion!
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