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Previous Entry A Place That Helps You Figure It Out Apr. 28th, 2004 @ 03:56 am Next Entry
I am new to checking out this community - and it looks interesting. More frequent posting would be cool - yea, I know.

I'm feeling extremely crazy about my career and job hunting. Can't even seem to get my resume put together right.

I highly recommend something for those of you that are struggling with what field and what specific job you want to go into. I recently finished doing a very detailed evaluation of myself and my career skills. I took a bunch of tests, did a lot of research about jobs, the market, pay ranges, skills used in these jobs, etc. Also talkd with a counselor several times. It was all 100% FREE! I am SO GLAD that I did it. Because I learned a lot about myself and what I am good at, what I have natural talent for, what I really want to do. Assuming that most of you are in the United States, there is national funding for this program - so it is available in every state. They are called One Stop Career Centers. They have them in every county in California (or almost every one)and they have great resources.

I wish I had done this a long time ago. I am older (49) than a lot of people thinking about their job, and I didn't get the opportunity to go to college. It took me a long time and I started to get very discouraged about finding a career that I could go into that also had many other criteria. I was interested in many careers, but most had some limitations I didn't like. I finally found a career that I am sure I will like very much. It's called, watch out, it's tricky! - Career Development Facilitator, CDF for short. I want to work in a workforce development agency like a One Stop Career Center or the career counseling dept. at a college, or something like that.

I'm so glad to find out about this kiind of job because I have always wanted to be a counselor, and this is similar. There is training and a national certification that you can get after you have 2 or 3 years on the job experience.

But I'm stuck. I need a good resume and good interviewing skills - and I don't have either. I worked for 20 years doing mid-to-upper level office jobs and then my whole life started to fall apart. Lots of tragedys and hard stuff happened. I haven't worked now for 3 years and my self esteem is not good. I need to get a job badly, but I'm kind of a mess.

All of you that are in college, or were in, that is so fine. I wish I could have gone to college when I was young. Figuring out what career to go for is really hard to do, that is for sure. Going to college, even if you don't have it all figured out, is ESSENTIAL today if you're going to have anything. It really is. It's going to take me years to do it now and then I have to work 4 years at the job before I can get the credential, which I wouldn't have to do if I had a college degree. Now I have to keep motivated for a long time and do stuff that is much harder when you are older. But I am doing it!! I wish I had known what I want to do when I grow up - a long time ago. The Career Center really helped me to figure this all out.

Much of my current confusion is really fear and self doubt.
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